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Entry #8

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2010-07-23 19:26:11 by falling




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2011-01-29 15:40:54

dude your veggie flash made me laugh so hard my eyes were watering. you gotta make more of that. Best part is when he holds the knife up and you can see his crazy look in the reflection.

falling responds:

Ah, thank you I really appreciate that. I'm really glad someone got a kick out of it :D

Yeah, I had to try a few different techniques to get that reflection part right.

Thank you :)


2011-02-19 16:32:57


I love veggies.


2011-04-14 16:28:28

Your hot, fuck u lol

falling responds:

Thank you, I'd fuck me too :)


2012-06-30 12:41:17

On your last submission "crazed bat people" you got four ratings of 7 in a row!! You should play the lottery or something

falling responds:

Ah well I'm not the luckiest person, but I appreciate the recognition, thanks :)