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Five shakes

Damn, a dime in the 1920s was worth quite bit. Skitzo was tollin in the dough!

lol wat

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This game is fun, but there are extremely similar free games that have done it better, so why would I pay for anything?

This game takes virtually no skill. Hold the up arrow, and eventually the x arrow, until you reach the end of the run. Buy upgrades, do the same thing again. The ability to tilt is mostly unnecessary. It would appear your money does not accumulate unless you visit the garage, so simply retrying disregards money earned in the previous run. Definitely a frustrating realization. I had earned at least 2000 dollars, then returned to the garage to discover it had only counted the last run.

I like the immediate option to mute the game before starting, that is a nice thought. The art is nice but unoriginal, along with over all feel, for these types of games, which all seem to look and function the same way. Snuggle Truck was more intuitive and their gimmick actually required tilting the vehicle to get through.

Wish the screen was larger, and for a mass selection of units. Pretty fun though.

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I have to say I'm most disappointed in TheDoor6's suggestion that the music has to be cheery, and the music can't carry strange, creepy, or ominous atmospheres.

Regardless, my personal opinion on this song, is that I like the sci fi tendency of the song, and feel it could be carried further with some broader reverb, steady volume increases, and like TheDoor suggested, variation in the "beeps and boops," messing with delays and more reverb. I liked it.

ChemicalLegionV2 responds:

thank you man and like i said this was made along time ago i would say 10 years ago when i didn't have much experience with audio creator tools but i always liked this one and as for thedoor6 i respect his opinion we all have our own tastes


When the MGS sound played I busted up laughing. I was going to go to sleep but this is a much better alternative. I'll be sure to keep listening. Sweet & nasty.


Maybe a delay on the intro snare would add a bit of depth? Just an idea off the top of my head. Pretty cool :)

SwashieB responds:

Thanks, I'll take some more time to fill out the intro!

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as for being old

Well Frankenstein is timeless, Shredder is kinda old school but not too bad, they just made a GI Joe movie and the Captain America movie is coming out soon. Star Wars is too current lol


I'll be honest, I just had some salvia. And after having my sink repeat "what are you doing" at me, this was nice to look at.


UnderARock responds:

good to hear, go fuck the sink up



"Such a hidden man who instinctively uses speech for silence and concealment and is inexhaustible in evading communication, wants a mask of him to roam the heads and hearts of his friends in his stead, and he makes sure that it does so." - Nietzsche

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