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2010-07-23 19:26:11 by falling



New Cartoon in the works. Came up with an actual idea for this one, not just drawing randomly and seeing what happens. Also, the new kirby colab should be fun :)

Swear to work this one regularly!

Want some funk?

2010-01-23 06:24:06 by falling

Here's some funk

/* */

As for the fecking new year

2009-12-31 23:16:23 by falling

Well I managed to submit one more "real" animation before the new year hit. Go me?

Now I should probably try and find something to do tonight, since I've been drawing and animating all day, and was bailed on earlier :p

Oh well.

2009 can fuck right off then I guess. <3

5 shades Colab

2009-12-05 16:03:56 by falling

Working on my entry for the 5 shades of orange colab. Going well, just a few days left to finish.
Trying not to rush my self, regardless I keep adding more scenes. The ending came to me while I was using the restroom, as many good ideas have for many individuals.

The feedback has been good so far, I'm excited :)

5 shades Colab

First submission succes :D

2009-11-25 11:11:37 by falling

So I submitted my first animation and it got through. The score is a tad low, no surprise. But the reviews were better then expected. I'm pleased with the whole thing :)


2009-09-29 16:00:45 by falling

Do a little dance...

I submitted a lil' fun song. Go use it for something, so I feel special :3

Soooo I did...

And I'm here to state, that newgrounds won't let me upload my mp3's, (and they are mp3's) and it is quite frustrating indeed...

I dunno...

My music is here: KIWI LIP LINER
Credit me, if used.
And lemme know if you use it.